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Students Benefit from Reading the KJV Bible

A KJV Bible at Mrs. White's Home.

The Bible is available in many different English translations.  I have often heard it suggested that students should use an easy version. They say it should be written in modern, plain English.  I don't agree.

When we are studying our lessons in school, we take time to use the dictionary and concentrate on what we are learning. If the school work was easy, it would be difficult to retain knowledge.  

If students are only reading what is easy and modern, they will have a nearly impossible time reading old literature.  They will not understand historic documents or take the time to really read and understand anything that seems too hard. They will quickly give up.

 The KJV Bible is full of rich and powerful words.  We need to stop and think while we are reading. We need to concentrate. It takes time to absorb the words.  This builds wisdom. This will also bring a blessing as we meditate on Scripture.

There are going to be questions that come up when reading the Bible. We will wonder what words mean and how they relate to the surrounding verses in context.  This is why it is essential to have resources which include the Webster's 1828 dictionary and a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  We study, not only by reading but by looking up the definition of the words.  We also learn by asking questions.

It is essential to gain Christian wisdom by the hearing of solid sermons from good preachers.  This is an important part of the process of understanding the Bible.  Many ministers of today tend to use a different version of the Bible in their sermons, such as the NIV or the NKJV.  These ministers have a solid understanding of languages but try to present the lesson in the easiest possible way.  As for my household, we always bring our own Bibles along and read from our KJV.

It is wonderful to have little Bible story books such as are presented in Sunday School class. But to actually read the Bible, the KJV is going to bring the most benefit to our children.  In my own household, we had all the children reading from the Bible as soon as they were around the ages of 4 or 5 years old.  Once they learned to read, they were reading the KJV Bible right along with the family.  Of course we were right there to help them pronounce words while they were still young.  Later on, they were able to do it entirely alone. They also memorized verses by the constant daily readings.  This builds wisdom and is an essential foundation for knowledge.

To see more about how we did this, please read my post, "A Humble Parlour as a School of Theology."



- Mrs. White


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  1. Hi Mrs. White,

    I have been a longtime reader, and just found your entry on homeschooling. I am 32; my children are young: 6, 5, 3, and 19 months. My oldest two are homeschooling together for their first year and I am so delighted to have found this post! Every single one that I read is very interesting and deeply encouraging. I, too, use the KJV Bible exclusively. My children are memorizing so much scripture in KJV and I agree that it requires them to pause and consider the text more than other translations. I hope to see many more homeschooling entries from you. Your website has blessed me greatly. Sending warm greetings from Jacksonville, Florida.

    1. It is wonderful to hear from you, Alison! I am delighted to hear you are homeschooling and using the KJV Bible. I am sure you will greatly enjoy teaching your children at home. It is such a blessing! I hope to write more on here soon. God bless you!

  2. I can testify to the wonderful benefits of reading the Bible. When my oldest was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, both audio and visual.. reading was a challenge. In elementary,I hired private tutors and we worked with therapists that specialized in dyslexia teaching him to read, helped a little, but not much. The most wonderful result happened in high school. He was getting bullied at school. So, he took his small new testament to school with him. He would read it during quiet time in class. Each and every day. He would get ridiculed. On the bus, another boy that wore makeup and stuff would tell my son it was nothing but a book of fairy tales. Certain teachers started picking on my son. Yet God is so very good. After a short while, the severe dyslexia he fought his whole life just disappeared. The bible was the first of many books my son could read without a problem. Today, years later, he still has no signs of dyslexia.

    1. I am so sorry to hear what your son has been through. The Bible is so precious. I love that he was able to read it, and that his dyslexia has disappeared. That is wonderful!

  3. The word says it is health to our body! I was watching a preacher from answers in genesis. He was mentored by Charles Stanley. He said Charles told him that as he has gotten older, he's learned he doesn't have as many answers, he's just learned to ask better questions. How true that is... in this situation I ask how has God worked? How has he purposed this for good? My son is healed. He is more established in the word. He has compassion and empathy. He ministers openly and boldly to others. Yes.. now that I am older, I too see that I ask better questions. And the beauty of it all is that all the answers point to how wonderful and loving God is!


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Students Benefit from Reading the KJV Bible

A KJV Bible at Mrs. White's Home. The Bible is available in many different English translations.  I have often heard it suggested that s...