Photograph by Mrs. White: Tea in the parlour at the Lincoln mansion in Vermont.

Homeschooling is an incredible act of service. I would like to bring encouragement and a sense of peace in the daily life of homeschooling mothers.  To help brighten and cheer you along, I will be sharing ideas, remembrances, and little bits of history. It is my hope to be able to post something at least once each month.

I have been a housewife, for nearly 35 years. I am the mother of 5 grown children and the grandmother of 12. My husband and I have lived in rural Vermont, in an 1850's house, for nearly 20 years. We are originally from the Boston area.  I feel grateful to have home-schooled all of my children, from preschool through graduation.  I have also helped homeschool some of my grandchildren.  

I do not share heavy academics, or what kind of curriculum to choose.  My goal is to share the joy in the days, with little ideas that come along to help children learn. A great deal of homeschooling happens right in the midst of homemaking and the care of the family. 

Education should be a continuous endeavor, through all of life. It should not be rushed. Learning at home in an old fashioned, humble home is a great blessing.

I hope this will be a cozy place to visit. Please feel welcome to ask questions and share your own ideas and remembrances, by commenting on any of the posts.

Now, shall I pour the tea?

 - Mrs. Sharon White, from The Legacy of Home Blog.



  1. Hello Mrs White. I just discovered this new blog of yours and I enjoyed the post on reading the KJV Bible. I was recently given a copy owned by the father of my Bible Study teacher and he clearly cherished it, writing in the margins. I am learning to cherish this translation for the first time.

  2. I am delighted you are enjoying this new blog. I love the KJV and am happy to hear you were given one that was owned by the father of your Bible Study teacher. It must be wonderful to read his notes in the margin. God bless you!


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